Mark Waterman is a Mortgage Loan Officer at First Interstate Bank.  Mark became a Bobcat in 1994 when his family moved to Brookings and he graduated in 1999, living in town ever since.  His daughter, Bailey, graduated as a Brookings Bobcat athlete in 2022.  Waterman also has a son, Blake, who is a Bobcat, playing football, basketball, and baseball.  Waterman’s main objective is to get people involved in Bobcat Athletics.  He think it is a huge benefit to only have one high school in town to support, stating “We are all Bobcats in Brookings and I want people to be proud, supportive, and involved”.  Hopefully by doing some of these things and continuing a strong athletic booster club, the backers can help build and maintain competitive sports programs.  Thank you for the support of the student-athletes and go Bobcats!